I'm New Here

What To Expect On Sunday Mornings

We're super excited you're considering being our guest at the Athens Vineyard. Our building is located at 2595 Atlanta Highway in Athens. It's across the street from At-Home. Our service begins at 10:30 AM and lasts until noon. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Most of our regular attendees keep it pretty casual.

Let's Get It Started In Here

Each service starts with a few worship songs. We strive for authentic expression in our worship and sing a variety of songs, from hymn variations to original Vineyard tunes - even some written by musicians within our own church. Once a month, we take communion, usually during the worship time, and all Christians are welcome to participate.

After the singing, our pastor will bring a practical and scripture-focused message. At the end of each service, we always provide an opportunity to receive prayer and counsel during ministry time.

Kids, You Say?

Kids are very important at the Athens Vineyard. We have a nursery for our newest additions, as well as age-specific worship and programming for children ages 18 months through 5th grade every Sunday. Our trained staff and volunteers are eager to provide a safe and enriching experience for the children.

Don't Forget!

When you're here, please take a guest packet and fill out the card inside to let us know more about you!

Guest Packet

Grab one of these on your way in!